Team KFWB Cache Adoption Update

A good share of the archived Team KFWB caches that were eligible for adoption have either been transferred to their new owners or are pending the adoption process through Groundspeak and Wizard of Ooze.

If you have received an email notifying you that a cache which you had requested has been transferred to you, please check the cache to ensure it’s ready for visitors — add a new logbook, sharp pencil, clean out any junk and maybe add some new swag to the container. Once it’s ready to go, you’ll need to click the “enable” link in the navigation box on the cache page to return it to active status.

At this point, if you see any additional caches that are still unrequested and that you would like to adopt, please send the Wizard of Ooze an email by clicking the email icon in the right column of this page, including your cacher name, GC number and name of the cache(s) you would like. You will find the list of available caches under the Team KFWB menu tab here on the website, which are grouped into three geographic areas — Victoria area, outside Victoria, and location uncertain. First preference will be given to those requests where the prospective owners have logged a find on the caches which they are requesting. Please note that the available caches are shown in white text, while those that already have one or more requests are shown in green text and are already spoken for. If you have previously requested a cache and you see that it is still listed in white text, please send me an email with the details as I may have missed updating the website with your specific request.

For those that have asked about timing of the adoptions — Groundspeak is processing the adoption requests in groups that I forward to them as they have time between other tasks, and I expect it will be a few more weeks before the process is complete. We appreciate your patience while this big project is underway.

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